Put simply, ergonomics is the science of designing environments and products to match the individuals who use them – improving comfort and productivity in the work setting.


Our design philosophy centres on user ergonomics. It includes providing adjustability to accommodate posture for users of all sizes. In addition, DRV’s digital stereo image facilitates spatial understanding, improving operational efficiency and reducing error rates, and ultimately designing out the factors that can cause fatigue and longer-term occupational health issues.

We consider the individual’s physiological interaction and sensory stimuli:

Headgear free

Vision TriTeQ’s head-gear free digital technology maintains the operator’s peripheral vision which overcomes issues of isolation, discomfort and disorientation whilst reducing short and longterm neck and back strain.

Natural Stereo Vision

DRV’s patented 3D viewing technology delivers a widescreen digital stereo 3D image which provides a natural stereo view irrespective of whether the user wears prescription glasses or not. DRV enables accurate visualisation and position of features, contours and spatial location, critical for creating, reviewing and diagnosing three dimensional subjects.

No Sensory Isolation

Many work environments require routine interaction with colleagues, tools, PC’s or other media. Head freedom, full ambient sensory inputs and peripheral vision aids efficient interaction with people or tools.

No Contact

No need for headsets or special glasses means physical contact with the display hardware is avoided. Additionally, applications where image acquisition and image presentation must be separated for safety reasons can be easily achieved with the DRV.